Is This The New H-1B Visa Of Canada?

With the Trump administration toughening rules for H-1B visa holders in the United States, software professionals, mostly Indian, are making a straight line to Canada, said two people with direct knowledge of the people movement.

The whole storyline is no better for the Indian immigrants staying in the States applying for a green card. With such an inconstant shift in rules rotating around these migration issues in the US, here comes some good news that could help you make your mind better.

Canada Unbars Borders for Skilled Indians:-

Canada is soon becoming the go-to destination for skilled Indian IT workers as the Canadian government has set a target to invite 3,30,000 new permanent residents in 2019, as per its Global Skills Strategy program adopted in 2017. As per reports software workers are now opting to work in Canada and showing their interest for the country for immigration, despite them having an option to stay in the US. Besides, many IT companies are also starting more offices in Canada. Though the average pay in Canada is less than the US, still software professionals are making a shortcut to work in Canada as the immigration process is simpler and hassle-free.

This program offers a hassle-free and quick route to work in the country and proves to be beneficial for Indians having a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) background and looking forward to appearing job opportunities.

Reports say, India has had the largest invite for permanent residency under the Express Entry Route.  A study on migration trends found that due to the confused state of H1B and other work visa programs under Trump’s rule, many U.S. companies are increasingly moving jobs to Canada and hiring people with trendy and complex skills, like data analytics.

Over 63% of companies are increasing their existence in Canada, with about 21% of companies having already established their at least one branch in Canada. Canada plans to add over one million new permanent residents over a three-year of period. The association between the rapid expansion of IT or technical jobs in Canada and the H1B program’s confusing state can’t be disregarded and in time.

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