Benefits of Australian PR and Australian Skilled Immigration Program

Preview for Scoring for Australia PR Points

Australian landscape is one of the dominant choices for permanent Residency worldwide. It offers various Visas for permanent residency under categories of SubClass 189, 190.

To become a Permanent Resident of Australia, an immigration system is designed which scores a candidate on certain parameters that calculated based on certain selection criteria which are age, language ability, education, prior work profile which are required for Australian PR points.

Benefits of Australian PR and Australian Skilled Immigration Program

  • Indefinite jobs and stay in Australia
  • Your 5 years is locked for you to stay or leave the country within the five years
  • A specific timeframe is required to be spent in the host country to attain status as a PR.
  • Offers health and legal benefits by holding an Australia PR
  • Family members can be sponsored to Australia
  • You can apply to become a consular in Australia assistance overseas by availing an Australian PR
  • Through Australia you also get benefited to stay, work and get education in New Zealand
  • Children born here are considered as Australia citizen

Criteria for Australian PR

The key requirements are:

  • English Proficiency test score has to be mentioned properly in the document i.e the IELTS, educational qualifications and Skill assessment report
  • Choosing Visa from the various types of Visa under Subclass 189,190 or 489.The Subclass 189 is a Non-Sponsored Visa; Subclass 489 Skilled Regional Visa
  • An occupation should be taken from the skilled occupation list-SOL which is a required under SubClass 189 category, while you need to choose an occupation of the particular Australian State under category of Subclass 190
  • Necessary profile information stored online in the SkillSelect System where you need to submit EOI, i.e.,
  • Expression of Interest. A minimum of 60 points needs to be scored based on your profile and other information of education, work experience, age and language skills to enhance your chances to secure an invite for Visa.
  • The person applying for an Australian PR should be fit medically and avoid any malpractices.

Types of Australia Skilled Immigration Visa

Before the type of visa there are certain primary required things from the applicant i.e. educational qualifications, relevant work profiles and language skills which should be meet under Australia Skilled immigration eligibility .the types of visa that falls under this categories are as follows:

  • Independent Visa-Skilled
  • Labor Agreements
  • Skilled Nominated Visa(Provisional)
  • ENS (Employee Nomination Scheme)
  • RSMS Regional Skilled Migration Scheme
  • Skilled -Regional Visa
  • Nominated Visa-Skilled
  • Skilled -Sponsored Visa(Provisional)