Why Canada is a Great Place to Live and Work

Canada is exceptional in having high standards of living and so its different thing to get into it. Canada, as a country, carries a great deal of pride in its people and rightfully so. There is a mixture of cultures, nationalities, and ethnicity that makes the country standard in living.

Reasons as why Canada is a Great Place to Live and Work

1) It is the most educated country

The resident of Canada value quality education. Half of the Canadian resident have college degree. These is the reason why other nation does not even come near to number of college graduates that Canada can boost

2) Positive tickets are given by the police as we do good things for the communiy

Now when was the last time you saw a police officer handing out a ticket that made someone smile?

Police in Canada will give a positive ticket to those who do positive things as a means of bolstering community morale and fostering a better relationship between their department and the people they serve.

This is an innovative measure that seems poised to insure that people are more respectful and receptive to a police presence in their neighborhood.

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3) They are a very humanitarian country.

For example, when flights were grounded during 9/11, Canada fed, housed, and sheltered well over 30,000 people. This shows that they help other in form and see to it that they keep safety of every human being.

4) Trusting Nation on Planet

The border between Canada and the USA is the longest in the world. This border doesn’t have any sort of military defense. Considering the latest news that President Trump wishes to place a wall between the USA and Mexico, this is put into greater perspective when considering if this northern neighbor might ever consider the same thing.

For all intents however no such thing is even in the works. Canada is a very accepting nature in all sorts of things and will see to it that the people come here does not wishes to leave the nation and will not easily allow a blockade of any sort.

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